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NW & PVC: Dining Hall Expansion and Renovations

MacGregor Hall, also known as “MacHall,” is the Pleasant Valley Camp, “PVC,” for Girls Dining Hall. For the past few years, we have had to separate Pleasant Valley campers into different seating sections (in the main hall, and in the basement) which is not conducive to a welcoming environment for all. This project will be expanding and renovating our space allowing Pleasant Valley to be able to serve all campers in one meal sitting for singing and comradery while also allowing us to support key inclusion, accessibility, and safety outcomes. The renovation will also include many other key elements that will serve members of both the North Woods and Pleasant Valley camp communities as outlined below.

Key additional elements of the expansion will include:

  • The new dining hall will have a large, outdoor porch which will create a much-needed quiet space for young people with sensory processing disorders and other youth for whom a quiet meal-time space allows them to socialize more easily.
  • The new dining hall will accommodate youth with restricted diets much better than our current situation. Campers will be able to see all the food options and choose what meets their needs. As one parent wrote to us: “My daughter finds it challenging as someone with a food allergy. She has celiac and so can only eat gluten free meals. If she is not the “waiter” for that day (the waiter is the camper assigned to get food for their table, as everyone eats family style) and her cabin is eating in the basement, she must rely on the waiter to go back and forth to tell her what the gluten free options are. She often just eats whatever the waiter brings for her, rather than being able to go see what the options are for herself.” With so many of our campers on restricted diets, this improvement addresses key safety, inclusion, and accessibility outcomes which encompasses approximately 15% of our camper population.
  • We will also be renovating the bathrooms for both North Woods and Pleasant Valley Campers. The new bathrooms are designed to maximize privacy and choice for our campers of all genders, an essential inclusion consideration for our camp. This includes welcoming signage, single stalls, and no urinals. Inclusive bathrooms play a vital role in fostering diversity, acceptance, and dignity for all individuals, regardless of their gender identity or expression. By providing equitable access to restrooms, we can create inclusive environments that celebrate and respect the diversity of all individuals.
  • Finally, the dining hall renovation project is part of a phased renovation program with inclusion at the heart of the design. Immediately on the heels of completing the dining hall renovation, we will break ground on phase 2, which includes wheelchair ramp access to the dining hall. This will be a tremendous improvement to our current situation, which has no accommodation for people with limited mobility.

This is a $1.25M project. Our capital budget will allow for $1M so to ensure all of these key elements  come to fruition in time for the launch of camp in 2024 we are hoping to raise $250k through donations. We appreciate your consideration and support!
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