Prospective Families

 Registration for 2024 is OPEN!


Prospective Families

 Registration for 2024 is OPEN!



Why North Woods Overnight Camp for Boys and Pleasant Valley Camp for Girls?

Overnight camp provides a unique opportunity for children and teens to have a break from their daily routine and experience independence in a safe and controlled environment under the guidance of college-age mentors. They also provide an opportunity to form new meaningful relationships and friendships in a setting that encourages belonging while trying new activities and developing important life skills such as; communication, problem solving, and teamwork. Additionally, at our camps, we offer a chance for children to disconnect from technology and spend time in nature, promoting physical activity and overall well-being.

Special Camp Programming:

Campers can choose amongst an array of athletic and creative activities set on gorgeous Lake Winnipesaukee. Under the guidance of our amazing staff each camper will be encouraged to find areas in which they will experience success and develop a passion for more.

  • Archery & Sports
  • Canoeing/Kayaking
  • Dance/Drama/Theater
  • Outdoor Skills and Ropes Course
  • Swimming
  • And MUCH MORE!






Through team building, cabin activities, and personal growth activities, campers gain confidence and awarness. We train our dedicated staff to promote our core values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility and work with each camper to challenge themselves as they celebrate both successes and failures.

Learning to Lead:

Most of our counselors are former campers! Overnight camping provides an ideal framework for for leadership development. The Y has a custom made curriculum developing leaders amonst camp starting at age 15. Through our training, they develop skills that transform them into future amazing leaders for our camp community because they are able to relate on a deeper level with our campers – because they have experienced every moment themselves! Our staff are committed to ensuring your child is able to learn, grow, and thrive while having FUN!


An Unplugged Environment:

In spite of the wonders of technology, it will never replace the critical skills gained through personal human interaction. Camp remains one of the few places where children are not distracted by electronics. We are an “unplugged” environment – technology free. We also intentionally have cabins that are electricity-free so our campers can experience a more authentic experience in nature at camp. Our campers interact with each other in real time instead of by text. By engaging with other children and counselors in person, campers build communication and social skills that will prove invaluable in college and as an adult.

camp girls with guitar


camp dining hall

The Cabin Experience: Your Summer Family

We strive to provide a transformative experience each day for your child. A core part of this experience is cabin life. Our goal is that campers are able to develop friendships and connect with one another in a meaningful way. With cabin specific activities and nightly D.I.V.E (Discussion, Insights, Values, Evaluation) campers are able to get to know one another in an intentional fun way on a deeper level. Cabins are also technology and electricy-free which allows for campers to bond under the light of lanterns and flashlights which is a unique experience for most of our camp community.




A Culture of Safety:

We know that it can be daunting to put the safety of your child into someone else’s hands and to find the safest possible summer camp experience – while ensuring your child will still have fun! At North Woods and Pleasant Valley, it is not just a word to us – we are an accredited camp through the American Camping Association and work to exceed all national standards and our entire staff is carefully trained to protect your child. Like you, we value safety above all else.

A Lifetime Investment

Our campers often talk about having “camp sickness” when they’re not here – as in reverse home-sickness! And we can certainly understand why. Campers can be themselves and be accepted for who they are. They have the freedom to try new activities without fear of failure, in our supportive and accepting community.

Overnight camp allows campers to develop self-identity, confidence, leadership, and self-respect. Sending your child to one of our camps is an investment in his/her growth supported by a community of caring adults who hold each other to high ethical standards. Our leaders embody teamwork, integrity, friendliness, courage, passion, fun, and caring. They engage our camper community in a way that encourages each child to personify those traits as well. The positive impact of North Woods and Pleasant Valley will last a lifetime.

Scholarship Applications

The YMCA of Greater Boston’s Overnight Camps scholarship program is aimed to remove financial barriers for families to participate in all of our camping programs. Scholarships are awarded on a needs-based sliding scale up to 50% towards tuition and available on a first come first serve basis.


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