Thank you for choosing SANDY ISLAND FAMILY CAMP!

Thank you for choosing SANDY ISLAND FAMILY CAMP!





Below is a list of answers to our most common questions. Please CLICK HERE for our updated and detailed terms, conditions and policies document.

Sandy Island Family Camp is open to all families regardless of income ability, race and religion. Through the YMCA’s ACCESS program, families who cannot afford the full price of camp’s tuition may qualify for reduced rates (up to 50% based on income and family size).  For an application email us at,  or call our business office at 603-569-2725 for more information.

Sandy Island is a rustic 66 acre Island in the heart of beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. You and your party will enjoy the weekend in a private lakeside camp cabin. Cabins have electricity but no plumbing. Centrally located lavatories are a 1-3 minute walk from each cabin.

Sandy Island is an all-inclusive vacation. This includes meals. The dining hall is committed to serving as many campers as possible but cannot guarantee we can meet the needs of all campers with special dietary needs. We are committed to providing a conventional meal, a vegan option, and a gluten sensitive option at each meal. The menu for the week will be available at least two weeks prior to your arrival at camp so you can know whether the options provided will meet your individual needs. In the event that they do not, we encourage you to let us know so we can support you. We can offer freezer and refrigeration space and use of a microwave for re-heating.

The Sandy Island Dining Hall is a nut-free facility. Specifically, this means no food prepared or served by our kitchen during the regular camping season will contain nuts. However, it is possible that some of our food products may come from facilities that processes nuts. Campers should not bring any nut products into the Dining Hall or onto the Dining Hall Porch. The above notwithstanding, Sandy Island is not a place that can guarantee that our food is safe for those with severe food allergies. If you suffer from severe food allergies we highly recommend you bring your own food. Please contact us if you would like tips and assistance on how to enjoy a Sandy Island vacation by packing your own food items.

Please bring food for your baby.  Kitchen staff will happily assist you in heating and refrigerating your food.

Please visit our Camper Resources page for a basic packing list.

We transport luggage, but it must be strong and self-contained. Please limit weight of individual bags to 35 lbs. or less. and bags to no more than 3 per person. Small personal items, fishing rods, beverages and open bags should be carried on the boat. Consider packing your clothing in plastic bags within your luggage in case of rain.

Don’t burden yourself with non-essentials when packing. Life at Sandy Island is simple and casual. Bring a warm jacket for cool evenings, raingear, swimsuits and plenty of informal clothing.

Coin-operated laundry facilities are available. Biodegradable soap is available and sold at the camp store. Use of regular detergent is not permitted in order to protect the Sandy Island septic system.

Luggage tags are available on check-in day at the Sandy dock area. Print your total number of bags and bag number, cabin name, and your last name and attach them to your luggage.  Luggage will be delivered to your cabin upon arrival.

Registered Campers are permitted to have day guests and overnight guests if their accommodations allow. All guests must be registered at least two weeks prior to your session. For more information view our Detailed Policies and our Sandy Island Price List.

For your convenience, our camp store has some common toiletries for sale. The store also sells a variety of snacks, drinks, clothing items and knick knacks. An account must be set up upon your arrival and payment must be made before you depart from camp. Our Craft Shop has painting, jewelry designing, tie-dying, leather crafting, photography and woodworking. Project kits and individual pieces are available — alone or with instruction — for a modest fee.

Sandy Island is a family camp. In adherence with the culture and atmosphere of a camp for all ages we do not encourage the consumption of alcohol at Sandy Island. YMCA staff are not permitted to transport alcoholic beverages. Guests are responsible for transportation in a respectfully concealed manner. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the common camp areas (i.e. center camp including the dining hall and the lodge, the beach, the ball field, etc.) Please limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages to your individual private areas (i.e. cabin, cabin porch, small campfire areas, etc.). All staff and campers are expected to comply with all local, state, and federal laws. Underage consumption of alcohol is illegal for both campers and staff, please do not supply alcohol to anyone you don’t know or to staff regardless of if they are on or off duty. We expect everyone to show good judgment and behave appropriately.

Tobacco use and smoking are not permitted in any building or at public gatherings. Please use tobacco only in identified smoking areas (behind the dining hall, and Val Hall during non-program hours) and dispose of butts appropriately. Fire danger may prohibit smoking in any area of camp.

Personal watercraft aka jet skis are not permitted at Sandy Island for overnight stays. Personal Watercraft are dangerous at Sandy Island due to the number of swimmers in shallow water and the ability of these craft to travel at high speeds in shallow water. Arrivals and departures of these craft for quick visits are permitted at the Main Dock and North Dock only. Operators must adhere to all relevant registration and operational laws in effect for Lake Winnipesaukee.

Space permitting, registered campers and overnight guests are welcome to bring their own boats (other than personal watercraft aka jet skis). We have some dock space and moorings available on a first come first serve. See the Sandy Island Price List for current fees.  Arrangements must be made through the Island Office at least 1 week prior to your arrival. The office will require the boat’s registration number and arrival and departure times to accommodate use of Sandy Island docks and facilities. All State of New Hampshire laws for registration and operation must be respected and any violation of these laws may result in loss of mooring or dock usage at Sandy Island Camp.

The Sandy Island Cabin Assignment & Waitlist Policy defines the rules by which cabins are assigned with the goal of creating and sustaining a vibrant, healthy and flourishing camp community for as many people as possible. This process is designed to be respectful to those that have sustained our community all these years, while being mindful of the realities of expanding and shrinking families, and the imperative of being an inclusive and welcoming community for new campers. For more information review Section II of the Sandy Island Unified Terms, Conditions and Policies for Campers

The YMCA of Greater Boston does not provide health or accident insurance for its participants.  Campers are responsible for personal health/accident coverage.  A completed health form is required for each family member including insurance coverage information.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming vacation. Our goal is to provide you and your entire family with a most pleasant experience and an unforgettable vacation.

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